Lessons from the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program for K-5

Oct 1, 2011

Using ESR’s Connected & Respected, Lessons from the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (Volume 1 for K-2 or Volume 2 for 3-5) in your classroom can help students develop the skills to reduce violence and prejudice, form caring relationships, and build healthy lives.

The lessons are drawn from our research-proven Resolving Conflict Creatively Program. Each of the six samples below is set up as a PDF for downloading and printing.

For Kindergarteners, this lesson provides expressive ways for young students to get to know each other’s similarities and differences: Alike and Different

First graders learn how to support their classmates and friends in this lesson: Helping Others and Standing Up to Bullying

This lesson for second grade introduces the life-long skill of active listening by having students conduct an interview using paraphrasing and clarifying questions: Active Listening

Third graders will explore the concept of win-win in this lesson, using critical thinking and empathy: Win-Win Solutions

In this lesson, fourth graders develop ideas about how to manage angry feelings: Exploring Anger

Fifth graders explore the concept of escalation and examine strategies to de-escalate conflict in this lesson: Conflict Escalation

These lessons are drawn from our curriculum, Connected and Respected: Lessons from the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program. To learn more about the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program, please visit this page.