About ESR

Founded in 1982, ESR is a national leader in school reform and provides professional development, consultation, and educational resources to adults who teach young people in preschool through high school.

ESR creates, disseminates and teaches core practices that:

1.    Reduce educational disparities and facilitate equal access to quality instruction and opportunities for students. ESR helps schools build a positive climate and culture, a disciplined and supportive learning environment, and personalized, high achieving classrooms that promote healthy development and academic success for all students.

2.    Help students develop and strengthen social skills, emotional competencies, and qualities of character that increase personal and interpersonal efficacy and cultivate social responsibility. ESR helps schools build high quality social and emotional learning programs and initiatives that promote respect and help to reduce intolerance, harassment and bullying, and risky and aggressive student behaviors.

ESR has a long history and a wealth of experience facilitating the change process and much practical expertise in how to create positive learning environments in today’s schools. Our work with principals, school leadership teams, faculty, students, and families is informed by current research and the “best practices” in educational leadership, instructional reform, prevention, and youth development.