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ESR is helping schools coast-to-coast

May 23, 2013
Published under: Program Spotlight

ESR delivers high-quality programs and services to schools and districts nationwide; here are some highlights of current and recent work. Click on the downloadable (PDF) map for a larger version.


At ESR we’ve worked with thousands of middle and high school educators who are taking steps to build more personalized schools and classrooms. Our Reaching and Engaging All Learners approach can help secondary schools large and small achieve change that put engaging, student-centered learning and safe, respectful, and productive environments at the heart of their reforms.

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A NYC high school teacher recently wrote to us, “I took your Guided Discipline workshop in Manhattan in April 2010. I’ve been meaning to get in contact with you regarding the success I’ve been having in all my science classes – 9th through 11th grades.  With your simple techniques, and my consistent use of Getting Classroom Management RIGHT and Making Learning REAL, I don’t have any classroom management concerns with my two freshman classes.  I make sure the students are held accountable for their lateness, missing work, etc.  I’ve used the rights and responsibilities technique with my sophomores and juniors which made their endless chatter go away. I also made a wager for all to complete their homework assignments prior to the end of the second marking period. It worked!”

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The benefits of implementing school-wide advisory programs are well documented.  Advisory programs can play a critical role in a school’s overall academic and student support services plan.  Advisories are a primary way to create a more personalized learning environment where all students are well known by at least one adult.  Moreover, advisory provides a structure and a set of practices for monitoring and supporting students’ academic progress and college and career readiness throughout their time in high school.  To learn more, see our high school advisory page and our middle school advisory page.

Watch the short video below to see what educators and their students say about why advisory is so important.


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