Ally Organizations

Responsive Classroom/Northeast Foundation for Children – Offers practical strategies for bringing together social and academic learning in elementary schools.

Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning – Advances the science and practice of school-based social and emotional learning.

National Association of Secondary School Principals – Provides resources for school administrators, including

Dignity in Schools Campaign – Advocates for the end of inequitable disciplinary policies with a special focus on out-of-school suspension.

Don’t Laugh At Me – A program fostering the healthy expression of feelings; caring, compassion, and cooperation; creative resolution of conflicts; and appreciation of differences.

Project Adventure – Offers materials and publications to facilitate adventure-based educational experiences.

Inner Resilience Program – Equips school staff and parents with tools, skills, and strategies to renew their inner strength in order to take positive action in the face of grief and trauma and to model these skills for young people in their care.

Character Education Partnership – An umbrella organization serving organizations that advance character education in schools.

Coalition of Essential Schools – Consults to schools and organizations to promote personalized, equitable, and academically challenging schools. Maintains a nationwide network of schools that implement their principles.

National Service-Learning Clearinghouse – Supplies resources, materials, and technical assistance to support service-learning in schools.

Learning Innovations at WestEd – Focuses on teacher quality and support, program evaluation, support for schools in need of improvement, and improving science and mathematics learning.

What Kids Can Do – A national organization that supports the public voice and views of adolescents.

Developmental Studies Center – Conducts research and develops school-based and after-school programs that help children achieve academically and develop socially.

The Forum for Education and Democracy – A national advocacy organization committed to the public, democratic role of public education. The Forum promotes a public education system characterized by strong public schools, equity of educational resources, and an informed, involved citizenry.

WorldSavvy – Educates and engages young people and teachers in community and world affairs.

The Five Freedoms Project – A national organization that provides local school leaders with leadership development, coaching, and support to improve the performance of public schools and strengthen the quality of civic discourse.

The School for Ethical Education (SEE) – Provides classes, creates programs, and offers consultation services to promote comprehensive ethics and character education.

The U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development – A partnership of individuals, organizations, and institutions  dedicated to fostering education for sustainable development.

We Do Listen Foundation – An organization creating books, games, and lessons to reduce bullying and promote effective communication among young children.