Professional Services

ESR collaborates with district administrators, school leaders, and staff members to maximize their capacity to create engaging schools and classrooms. ESR’s customized, integrated services support academic achievement, healthy social and emotional development, and postsecondary success.

Through ongoing, site-specific training, consultation, and coaching, as well as stand-alone institutes, ESR supports educators to create engaging and equitable schools by providing services in three core areas:

Engaged Classrooms: ESR provides support for districts and schools to create Engaged Classrooms. ESR’s Engaged Classrooms program helps middle and high school teachers learn research-based instructional strategies, core classroom practices, protocols, and procedures for reaching and engaging all learners. Educators also gain skills needed to implement a problem-solving, restorative approach to classroom management and discipline. In order to establish engaging, caring, and rigorous classrooms in which all students meet standards of proficiency and excellence, teachers take personal responsibility for students’ learning and academic success by providing quality instruction and personalized support. Engaged Classrooms integrates two services that ESR also offers as separate strands: Guided Discipline and Student Support and Reaching and Engaging All Learners.

Advisory Plus: ESR’s student advisory programs support staff members to create peer cohorts in which students learn social, emotional, and learning competencies in support of their academic development and post-school success. Advisory is a fundamental structure for middle and high school students to develop key life skills, metacognitive skills, and habits of learning in support of academic achievement, postsecondary planning, and healthy social and emotional development. ESR partners with districts and schools to establish advisory programs that also play a central role in helping educators with the critical work of case management.

Schoolwide Discipline and Student Support: ESR partners with districts and schools to assess, refine, and adopt disciplinary policies, protocols, and interventions that maximize opportunities to learn and ensure that all students are treated fairly and equitably. Schoolwide Discipline and Student Support cultivates a shared commitment and greater capacity among all staff members to provide more coherent support to a range of student learners and intervene with problem behaviors more effectively. In order to reduce and eliminate harsh and disproportional discipline, ESR helps schools to implement a balanced, integrated, and restorative approach that fosters greater student accountability, self-discipline, and personal and social efficacy.

Additional middle and high school services:

ESR also provides early childhood, elementary, and afterschool services which include support for social and emotional learning through our well-respected Resolving Conflict Creatively program and other peer mediation and peacemaking training services.

In collaboration with ESR, district and school leaders support a strategic implementation of professional services for principals, administrative leadership teams, teacher leaders, and teachers. The goal: maximized capacity in leaders to create a learning-focused culture for staff members and students as well as maximized capacity in teachers to support and strengthen core practices, procedures, and learning strategies for creating safe, caring, and academically challenging classrooms. The result: improved academic and social outcomes for all students. ESR skillfully supports districts and schools to improve and sustain professional learning to increase academic engagement in support of Common Core standards and target learning outcomes.

Our goal is to support your efforts, which may include strengthened leadership capacity, improved teacher effectiveness, integrated classroom and schoolwide positive behavior support and discipline systems, and more. ESR offers customized programs including day-long workshops, a four-day institute, and intensive, sustained coaching and consultation relationships. At the start of each engagement, ESR’s program consultants work with school leaders to assess needs and plan service delivery for maximum sustainable effectiveness. ESR matches districts and schools with seasoned and expert consultants who work with school leaders and teachers to maximize their capacity to ensure academic achievement and healthy growth and development of every student.

With more than 30 years of professional development experience, ESR understands adult development and what it takes for teachers to implement what they have learned. Our workshops, institutes and embedded group coaching meetings are engaging and highly experiential. They feature practical tools and strategies that staff members can bring back to their classrooms or work settings and use immediately.

To find out how ESR can help your school or district, click on the links to the left. We invite you to contact us at 800-370-2515, extension 32 or by email  at educators [at] to learn more about how partnership with ESR will help your school’s leaders and staff members build the capacity to maximize learning and healthy development for all students.