Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR) helps educators create safe, caring, respectful, and productive learning environments.
Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR)

Additional Middle School and High School Services

In addition to our core service areas—High-Performing, High-Achieving Classrooms, Student Advisory Program, and Schoolwide Discipline and Student Support—ESR offers additional programs for middle and high schools committed to supporting academic achievement, healthy social-emotional development, and student success in secondary school and beyond. These services include:

Peer Mediation: ESR’s Peer Mediation program is a demonstrably effective youth leadership model. In peer mediation, trained students help other students to resolve their differences when a conflict is brewing or has already occurred. We provide educators with practices and materials to support students to utilize conflict resolution practices and social skills in order to increasing peace and reducing violence in their schools.

Countering Bullying and Harassment: ESR helps middle and high schools create peer education programs to counter these problems and help improve the climate for all students’ healthy development and learning. Through this initiative, students train other students to respond effectively and peaceably to bullying and harassment and become allies to other students who are targeted. Staff members learn strategies for preventing these problems and for intervening when they see or hear inappropriate behavior and comments.

Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (grades 6-8): The Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (RCCP) is the nation’s largest and longest running school program with a special focus on conflict resolution and intergroup relations. RCCP helps middle school children develop the skills to reduce violence and prejudice, form caring relationships, and build healthy lives.

Postsecondary Summit (grades 9-12): ESR’s one-day Postsecondary Summit is an opportunity for school- or district-wide middle and high school teams to assess their current postsecondary initiatives, explore promising postsecondary approaches, structures, and practices, and create a plan for developing a more equitable and comprehensive set of postsecondary services and experiences in your school and district in order to support college and career success for all students.

We invite you to contact us at 800-370-2515, ext. 32 or or by email  at educators [at] to learn more about how partnership with ESR will help your school’s leaders and staff members build the capacity to maximize learning and healthy development for all students.