Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR) helps educators create safe, caring, respectful, and productive learning environments.
Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR)

Engaged Classrooms

Engaged Classrooms offers an approach to instruction, classroom management, and discipline that fosters academic, social, and emotional learning and development in each and every student. ESR works collaboratively with teachers to create classrooms where students feel safe, cared for, engaged, and challenged to think, create, and perform. In Engaged Classrooms, teachers take personal responsibility for students’ learning and academic success by providing quality instruction and personalized support to ensure students meet standards of proficiency and excellence. Teachers provide academic learning, instructional and behavioral supports, and interventions when students do not learn or experience obstacles to learning.

Benefits of Engaged Classrooms

Teachers learn: 1) a range of research-based instructional strategies, core practices, protocols, and procedures for engaging all learners; 2) how to organize and manage their classes for student success; 3) how to implement a preventative, problem-solving, and restorative approach to discipline.

Students move from being passive recipients of academic content to active learners. The core habits of learning, academic mindsets, and learning strategies they develop enable all students to set goals, assess their progress, persist in difficult tasks, and develop authentic strategies to tackle the heightened demands of the Common Core State Standards and master complex academic content.

Student outcomes include:

  • increases in: 1) course completion and GPA; 2) attendance; 3) self- and social awareness, self-management, relationship skills, and responsible decision making; 4) academic perseverance
  • decreases in: 1) failure rates; 2) classroom disciplinary referrals; 3) in-school and out-of-school suspensions; 4) tardy rates and absenteeism; 5) drop-out rates

Research-Based Practices

ESR incorporates the latest research-based practices. Teachers learn how to give students equitable access to a rigorous academic program by learning critical core practices that include formative assessment, responsive academic conferencing, group learning protocols, habits of learning, effective teacher talk, universal expectations, and accountable consequences and interventions.

Connected & Respected Institute activityProfessional Learning Services

ESR engages in a collaborative and comprehensive approach to professional learning in support of the growth and development of teacher practice – individually, in their teams, and as a whole staff. Professional learning services include: 1) Engaged Classrooms Institute; 2) classroom instructional rounds; 3) proficiency modules; 4) embedded team coaching; 5) a peer classroom visitation framework.

Leadership Development

ESR works with school leaders to identify and support an on-site leadership team to guide implementation efforts. The team establishes systems, structures, and processes to assess, monitor, and revise plans to ensure continuous learning and improvement. ESR coaches school leaders to foster a collaborative adult learning culture, focus resources on instructional improvement and classroom management, and fine tune coaching, supervision, and evaluation models that foster teachers’ competencies, dispositions, and efficacy.

Measuring Success

ESR collaborates with schools to identify benchmarks for implementation of core practices in Engaged Classrooms, use assessment tools and protocols to monitor progress, and use data to support continuous improvement and measure outcomes.

ESR Publications

ESR resources that align with Engaged Classrooms include:


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