Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR) helps educators create safe, caring, respectful, and productive learning environments.
Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR)

Schoolwide Discipline and Student Support

Creating an Effective Schoolwide System of Discipline and Student Support

ESR collaborates with key district leaders, school administrators, and a designated student support team to recalibrate discipline and student support systems in order to maximize every student’s opportunity and success in school. In collaboration with ESR, the student support team and school administrators lead a review and revision of schoolwide policies, protocols, and practices to align with the school’s mission, values and core beliefs. We aim to foster schoolwide discipline and student support that is fair, equitable, restorative, respectful, accountable, and enforceable.

Schoolwide Discipline and Student Support services also include a focus on creating engaging classrooms. ESR’s approach to instruction, classroom management, and discipline fosters academic, social, and emotional learning and development in all students, and establishes optimal conditions for learning. (See separate description of our Engaged Classrooms work for greater detail.)

Administrators, teachers, and ancillary staff increase their effectiveness in providing scaffolded academic and behavioral supports and interventions for all students, resulting in a reduction of unwanted behaviors and increased engagement in the classroom.

Benefits of Schoolwide Discipline and Student Support

Schools foster a safe, caring and respectful climate, and a personalized, disciplined, and supportive learning environment. They reduce and eliminate harsh, disproportional referrals and suspensions and ensure that all students are treated fairly and equitably.

Teachers learn: 1) how to organize and manage their classes for student success; 2) how to implement a preventative, problem-solving, and restorative approach to discipline; 3) how to effectively handle a wide array of adolescent behaviors; 4) a range of research-based instructional strategies and core practices for engaging all learners.

Students move from being passive recipients of academic content to active learners. The core habits of self-discipline, work and communication, and academic mindsets they develop enable all students to set goals, assess their progress, persist in difficult tasks, and develop authentic strategies to tackle the heightened demands of the Common Core State Standards and master complex academic content.

Student Outcomes Include:

  • Increases in: 1) social and self-awareness; self-management, self-discipline, responsible decision making, and accountability; 2) academic perseverance; 3) attendance;  4) course completion and GPA
  • Decreases in: 1) classroom disciplinary referrals; 2) failure rates; 3) in-school suspension and out-of-school suspensions; 4) tardy rates and absenteeism; 5) drop-out rates

To download a flyer to share with your colleagues, click here.

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